Eric Arceneaux

Creator of The AApproach Vocal Training Method

Perhaps you’ve read about him in USA Today, The Washington Post, or heard him speak on Broadway Talk Radio.  If not there, then you’ve likely seen Eric Arceneaux on YouTube, where his viral singing technique videos have garnered over 30million views.   A world renowned vocal coach, breathwork specialist, and recording artist, Eric Arceneaux has developed a reputation for transforming and saving voices.

World renowned singers like Bryan Terrell Clark (Marvin Gaye in Broadway’s “Motown:The Musical”), David Correy (X-Factor Finalist/ FIFA World Cup Song), Garret Rapp (Lead vocalist for The Color Morale), and Nayah Damasen all call Eric Arceneaux their vocal coach.  So what exactly makes Mr. Arceneaux’s AApproach method so unique?

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2)  Leora also happens to be one of the associate instructors on our online course, "Elite Singing Techniques". 

A note from Eric Arceneaux, creator of The AApproach:

I genuinely feel that I was fated to meet Leora Nosko.  Yes, she is a beautifully gifted vocalist; but to come across a talented vocalist is not rare in my profession. What makes Leora extraordinary is that she is a talented vocalist who also happens to be exceptionally genuine, passionate, wise, and intuitive. She is not merely a singer or even just a voice teacher.  Leora is an artist.  She understands the bigger picture.  I have every confidence in her teaching ability and technical knowledge.  More than that, I know each of her students benefit from her remarkable life experience and her spirit. 

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​2)  Mike Bryant also happens to be one of the associate instructors on our online course, "Elite Singing Techniques". 

​​A note from Eric Arceneaux, creator of The AApproach:      

​Chances are, if you’ve followed me on YouTube, you know Mike Bryant. He was one of my first students here in the DC area, and I knew from the start that he would do great things.  What I love so much about Mike’s story is that it could be YOUR story.  Michael came to me, never having given much thought to a professional career as a vocalist. But the passion was there; the drive was there.  He worked hard, and I watched him grow from a student to an in-demand background vocalist, to one of my most trusted vocal coaches, and now recording an album alongside me as my group mate. What do I think of Mike Bryant as a vocal coach?  He gets right to the nuts & bolts of the situation.  Mike is a voice builder.  You want a stronger voice, more range, more power? Mike can help you get that.  And it takes all of 2 seconds to realize that this man practices what he preaches.  I believe in his skills.  Try him; he’ll make a believer out of you.

A note from Eric Arceneaux, creator of The AApproach:

I’ve had the pleasure of being Jared Latchford’s vocal coach since the time he was a young teen.  Even then, he displayed remarkable discipline and work ethic.  Over time, I’ve watched him grown into a true vocalist.  He’s held his own in the studio with Def Jam recording artists, blown away songwriters like Noah Silver, and even earned the respect of rising star producer Chris Barz (Wale’s “Don’t Hold Your Applause”).  Jared is living proof that the handwork pays off; he knows this from experience, and I believe that to be a powerful attribute in a teacher.  As a certified AApproach instructor, Jared encourages vocalists in our online Phase 1 and Phase 2 courses, guiding them in their path to vocal freedom.  To put it plainly, “He really knows his stuff”.  For all of these reasons, I’m so proud to have Jared Latchford as part of the AApproach team. 


Certified AApproach Instructor

Leora Nosko

Certified AApproach Instructor

A note from Eric Arceneaux, created of The AApproach:

Tina was one of my very first students, when I arrived to the Washington, DC area.  From the start, I found her strikingly honest, and I appreciated her sincerity.  I soon realized that she carried that same realness into her artistry.  And, I can tell you with confidence, that it is abundantly present in her teaching as well.  I offered TinaB. a position with AApproach, because over the years she has consistently proven to me that her technical ability and knowledge rival her passion and showmanship as an artist.  Tina is a vocal coach who knows what it is to perform; she understands the mindset, hardships, and lifestyle of a professional recording artist. If you’re ready to develop a solid technical foundation and to take your artistry to new heights as a performer, I strongly recommend TinaB. 

A note from Eric Arceneaux, creator of The AApproach:

It’s a funny story: Trina actually contacted me, seeking my guidance in her own journey toward reclaiming her singing voice.  But, within minutes of our first lesson, I found myself marveling at how healthy her instrument was.  It was astounding.  Her command over her breath, in particular, was enviable.  For the first time in 15 years of teaching, I requested that my student become my teacher.  In the time since, we’ve developed a mutually edifying partnership, sharing our insights with each other for the betterment of ourselves as vocalists (my technique has never been better) and for our students (my students rave about their sessions with Trina).  While Trina is not a certified AApproach Instructor, her teachings are 100% in alignment with the principles of the AApproach Vocal Training Method.  An endorsement from me is not easy to come by, but I have the greatest confidence in her work.

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Trina Bordere

Breathing Expert/ Breathwork Specialist

Jared Latchford

Certified AApproach Instructor

Mike Bryant

Certified AApproach Instructor

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