Vocal Coach

A Note from Eric:

Chances are, if you’ve followed me on YouTube, you know Michael Bryant. He was one of my first students here in the DC area, and I knew from the start that he would do great things. What I love so much about Michael’s story is that it could be YOUR story. Michael came to me, never having given much thought to a professional career as a vocalist. But the passion was there; the drive was there. He worked hard, and I watched him grow from a student to an in-demand background vocalist, to one of my most trusted vocal coaches, and now recording an album alongside me as my group mate. What do I think of Michael Bryant as a vocal coach? He gets right to the nuts & bolts of the situation. Michael is a voice builder. You want a stronger voice, more range, more power? Michael can help you get that. And it takes all of 2 seconds to realize that this man practices what he preaches. I believe in his skills. Try him; he’ll make a believer out of you.


One-on-One Lessons
  • Skype or FaceTime
  • Age Restrictions: 16 years or older