Breathing Expert/Breathwork Specialist

A Note from Eric:

It’s a funny story: Trina actually contacted me, seeking my guidance in her own journey toward reclaiming her singing voice. But, within minutes of our first lesson, I found myself marveling at how healthy her instrument was. It was astounding. Her command over her breath, in particular, was enviable. For the first time in 15 years of teaching, I requested that my student become my teacher. In the time since, we’ve developed a mutually edifying partnership, sharing our insights with each other for the betterment of ourselves as vocalists (my technique has never been better) and for our students (my students rave about their sessions with Trina). While Trina is not a certified AApproach Instructor, her teachings are 100% in alignment with the principles of the AApproach Vocal Training Method. An endorsement from me is not easy to come by, but I have the greatest confidence in her work.

About Trina

Trina M. Bordere is a certified, licensed Master Trainer of GYROKINESIS®, a specialized movement technique founded by Julio Horvath. She has been teaching the GYROKINESIS® movement system since 2005. Trina provides training ranging from therapeutic to advanced fitness levels using the Gyrotonic Expansion System and GYROKINESIS®. She also offers courses and workshops for pre-professional & professional dancers, dance companies, and athletes, as well as those interested in becoming Gyrotonic or GYROKINESIS® instructors.

Trina began her formal education and journey into the arts with Classical training through the elite dance program at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) in high school. This was the foundation for what would become her life’s work.

A wide variety of styles such as Classical Ballet, Modern, (Horton, Limon, Graham) Jazz (Cole, Fosse, Luigi) Tap, African, Ballroom, Latin, and Contemporary, are included in her movement repertoire. Through her training and education at NOCCA, The Broadway Theatre Project, and the Ailey School, she developed dance technique, performance quality, and choreography skills that prepared her for a career as a performer, movement creator, and teacher. Over the span of her career she has performed with Atlanta based companies Gary Harrison, Zoetic Dance Ensemble, Terry Slade, and from 2011 - 2013, T. Lang Dance.

Trina Bordere has shared the stage with, and opened for, recording artists Ruben Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, the Latin Legends of Fania, and Grammy award winner, Earl Klugh.

In addition, Ms. Bordere has taught Ballroom dance, various Latin dances, Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary dance styles at schools and festivals around the U.S. and in Europe. In 2010 - 2011, Trina was co-artistic director of Revolu, a Latin contemporary company, and in 2014 she was Rehearsal Director for T. Lang Dance’s premiere performance of ‘POST-UP’ at the Goat Farm venue in Atlanta. Her skills, professional work ethic, and passion for art and movement are evident by her commitment to dance and fitness.


One-on-One Lessons
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